A Small Business Saturday Special. Deck your halls with Vivi Gray Design!

To celebrate small business Saturday we are offering a special on our remaining openings to deck your halls! The Vivi Gray team will take the reigns for installing your interior holiday decor this year as you sit back and enjoy the finer things in life. And this deal won’t even take a huge chunk out of your Black Friday savings! Our Small Business Saturday special includes the following for a low low price:

*One hour home walk through and inventory consultation
*Holiday decor design for three home areas
*Two and a half hours of decor staging
*$50 Eco-friendly floral and decor credit
*25% off any additional floral and decor items
*All for only $175!!!! ($300 value)

To schedule your holiday installation email heyvivigray@gmail.com or call 817-965-1253. We will be only be taking appointments for this deal through Monday, November 26, so book fast as space is limited!

We thank everyone who has supported our small business, and supported our mission to bring sustainable design to North Texas!


Keep me away from the paint please!

We’re getting back into the swing of things around VGP this week after a hectic holiday season.  We’re well rested, bright eyed and bushy tailed!  Today we’re bringing our readers some DIY inspiration.  It all started with this lamp shade:

If you have looked at any DIY blog lately you have seen everything and anything covered in chalkboard paint.  I’m a big re-purposer but haven’t really gotten into the whole chalkboard craze, and have almost been downright opposed to it.  So today I found a few objects that have been lying around my office and marked for trash and armed myself with a can of VOC free paint and made the magic happen.  You see, chalkboard paint is nothing more than flat finish paint tinted charcoal gray, which I just happened to have on hand leftover from some succulent gardens that I made for a client a few months ago.  I thought this lamp shade which accompanied a beautiful lamp that a dear friend passed on to me has a great shape, but I’ve never been quite sold on the pattern.  A little paint will take care of that…

I was so happy with the way it looked and had a little time left so I decided that I needed to paint something else.  Bring in these kraft paper tags:

I used these to price some arrangements that had for sale at a recent craft fair, and I just couldn’t part with them because they are so cute and kraft papery.   What a perfect chalkboard paint project!

Now I can reuse them time and time again!  I know, I know  they aren’t expensive and could easily be thrown out.  But seriously, how cute are they now!  Judge me and I’ll send you a gift with these attached.

Now let’s get to the ridiculous  part.  I used an old manila envelope that I pulled out of the recycling to protect my desk from getting paint all over it.  Guess what?  CHALKBOARD!!!!

It’s perfect, it even has a hole ready to hang.  I’m going to do this with all manila envelopes that I get in the mail from now on.  What a great organizing tool this will be!  Judge me and this will be the gift that I send you with the previously mentioned gift tags…

What other ideas can you come up with to repurpose with chalkboard paint?

How do you feel about chalkboards in weddings?  Cheap?  Overdone?  Brilliant?