We want YOU to help make North Texas greener!

We have had an awesome year at Vera Green Productions and Vivi Gray Design.  We have been so blessed to work with some amazing couples, businesses, and wedding pros, and now we are blessed to be adding to our family!  We are currently filling two new positions in our company.

Floral Assistant- Vivi Gray Design

We are seeking a floral assistant to help with our operations on an as needed basis.  This is an entry level position, and there is room for rapid upward growth.  Pay is hourly on a contract basis (contracts are assigned for each event) with the opportunity to receive commission as well.

Job functions:

Provide assistance on an as needed basis to create floral arrangements, and setup/break down decor for special events
Meet with potential clients for sales consultations,
Attend networking events to promote VGP and yourself,
Attend regular staff meetings,
Buying and Merchandising assistance as needed.

Job requirements:

Minimum 4yr degree or applicable work experience,
Must possess working knowledge of  floral varieties and how to handle specific breeds,
Strong background in social media primarily twitter and WordPress blogs,
Must be able to attend Networking events on occasion to promote yourself and the company,
Proficiency in Microsoft office programs,
Must be able to stand for up to 10 hours and lift objects over 50 lbs,
Must have flexibility to meet with clients during the week and be available most weekends for events

The best candidate for this position will possess the following attributes:

Ability to see other’s vision regardless of your own taste, ability to work with others, a professional demeanor, assertive but not abrasive personality, willing to go the extra mile for clients, passion for conservation, prioritize sustainability and style over what might be easier, self-motivated and Driven to move forward professionally, a love for social media, strong writing skills, an eye for design, and a flexible schedule.

To apply please email your resume and links to applicable social media outlets to ashley@veragreenproductions.com

PLEASE correspond VIA email only.  No phone calls, texts, twitter or FB messages.  This is a Fort Worth based position.


Wedding Coordinator- Vera Green Productions

As we move into the New Year our goal is to take on more events, and still continue to be able to provide our clients with the highest level of customer service.  In order to achieve this goal we need manpower!  Executing a perfect event may seem like an effortless; however there is much time, organization, and patience involved in being successful.  Pay is an hourly rate based on experience plus commission for any new business brought in.

Job Functions

Primary duties and responsibilities include, but are not limited to, the following:

• Respond to initial inquiries and track all sales .

• Be knowledgeable of all Vera Green Productions wedding and event packages.

• Responsible for negotiating contracts with new clients.

• Maintain regular contact by phone, email and letter with clients and customers in relation to their wedding and/or event.

• Monitor event activities to ensure that guests are behaving in compliance to the venue policies as well as local laws and regulations.

• Confer with staff onsite to coordinate details prior to event at varying points in time and throughout the event.

• Inspect event facilities to ensure that they conform to customer requirements. Uphold visual standards of facility during event.

• Coordinate services for events, such as accommodation and transportation for participants, facilities, catering, signage, displays, special needs requirements, printing, and event security.

• Consult with customers to determine objectives and requirements for events. Ensure client satisfaction throughout the event.

• Meet with client and/or their parties to plan scope and format of events, establish and monitor budgets, or review administrative procedures and event progress.

• Review event bills for accuracy and receive final payments at the end of the event.

• Evaluate and select providers of services according to customer requirements.

• Arrange the availability of audio-visual equipment, transportation, displays, and other event needs.

• Plan and develop programs, agendas, budgets, and services according to customer requirements.

• Maintain records of event aspects, including financial details, timelines, layouts, menus and any/all other event details.

• Conduct post-event evaluations to determine how future events could be improved; mail personalized thank you letters in a timely manner. Produce post-event internal evaluation for client file and for review at staff meetings.

• Organize registration of event participants.

• Read trade publications, attend seminars, and consult with other meeting professionals to keep abreast of meeting management standards and trends as well as trends and progress in sustainable events and design.

• Other duties and responsibilities as assigned.

Job Requirements


The ideal candidate for this position will possess the following attributes:

• Extremely organized and detail oriented,

• Able to solve logistical problems on the fly,

• Professional demeanor and appearance,

• Must be familiar with sustainable design and “green” lifestyles,

• Able to handle intense situations with grace,

Required Experience:

• 4 year degree in related field

• Minimum 2 years experience in project management or related field,

• Wedding industry experience and knowledge of social media is preferred

We can’t wait to start pouring through resumes and to meet the next members of our Vera Green/Vivi Gray family!  If you would like to submit your resume for consideration please email hello@veragreenproductions.com with a professional cover letter, and resume.


A Small Business Saturday Special. Deck your halls with Vivi Gray Design!

To celebrate small business Saturday we are offering a special on our remaining openings to deck your halls! The Vivi Gray team will take the reigns for installing your interior holiday decor this year as you sit back and enjoy the finer things in life. And this deal won’t even take a huge chunk out of your Black Friday savings! Our Small Business Saturday special includes the following for a low low price:

*One hour home walk through and inventory consultation
*Holiday decor design for three home areas
*Two and a half hours of decor staging
*$50 Eco-friendly floral and decor credit
*25% off any additional floral and decor items
*All for only $175!!!! ($300 value)

To schedule your holiday installation email heyvivigray@gmail.com or call 817-965-1253. We will be only be taking appointments for this deal through Monday, November 26, so book fast as space is limited!

We thank everyone who has supported our small business, and supported our mission to bring sustainable design to North Texas!

Greenwashing 101 :: Verifiable Venues

Photo Courtesy of Lauren Larsen Photography

Photo Courtesy of Lauren Larsen Photography

We have been quite the busy little bees here at VGP this past couple of months, and to my dismay our scheduled blog posts have not been posting!  SOMEONE (see ME!) may have scheduled them to post in 2013, and that’s just too long to wait to finish this series :)

We just finished up our 2012 wedding season this past weekend and now it’s time to refocus and prepare for a busy holiday season, and goal setting for the next year.   My to do list is literally three pages long, but we are all so excited about some of the awesome weddings we have coming up in 2013.  It is always such an honor when a couple trusts their wedding day in your hands, as well as a huge responsibility.  Part of the responsibility that we have taken on as wedding planners is to help our client’s wedding wishes come true.  Brides specifically hire Vera Green Productions because their wedding wishes are to have an exquisite wedding without making a huge impact.  We have the responsibility to protect our clients from vendors who are trying to get their piece of the eco-wedding pie without offering true eco-friendly services.  This is what we in green commerce call “greenwashing.”

Today we are going to pick up our series on greenwashing by discussing what to look for in an eco-friendly wedding venue, and what warning signs you might find that will tell you to dig a little deeper and find out where their priorities really lie.

There is a lot to take into account when selecting a venue for your wedding.  Of course style and cost are the two biggest factors for couples when selecting their venue.  But from a sustainability standpoint there are certain other factors to take into effect.   They are listed below in no particular order:

1.  The building- Was the building itself built to serve it’s current purpose?  If so was it built (or remodeled) according to specifications set by the US Green Building Council’s Leadership in Environmental Energy Design (LEED)?  LEED is the international standard for sustainable building, and not only applies to new buildings, but also standards to give existing buildings credibility in the green commerce community through adaptive reuse.  In addition to adhering to LEED standards brides and grooms can think outside the box for their venue location.  Refurbished historic homes, parks, ranches, barns, and rooftops all supply beautiful backdrops for your nuptuials, and with the proper knowledge and planning they can add to the sustainability of your event.

2.  Waste- Many venues in DFW don’t have access to recycling services, so in order to have recycling facilities at their venue they must pay an outside service.  This is a big burden for most venues, which is why they don’t offer recycling services.  Some don’t allow disposables at all, and some will say that they CAN recycle, but that doesn’t mean that they do.  Be sure to ask questions about their recycling program.  If they can easily tell you what types of items can be recycled through the program that they use and have bins on the premises then you can be comfortable that they actually DO recycle.  Of course if you love a venue but they don’t have on site recycling you can always look into other options, such as bringing bins yourself and having the recyclables carted off after the event.  We will not only provide this service free of charge for our clients, but we will also take compostable refuse and food and flowers for donation!

3.  Power-  One of the easiest steps for businesses to take to “green” their operations, and current rates for renewable energy sources are in line with those of conventional options.  If a venue is claiming that they are eco-friendly this is a bare minimum that they should offer.

4.  Business Solutions-  In a businesses day to day operations it is imperative that they are taking steps in the office to reduce paper and solid waste if they are claiming to be green.  In today’s digital age it is so easy to be 100% paperless.  There are dozens of online services that offer affordable and user friendly online contract solutions, and the sky is the limit where electronic information packets and brochures are concerned.  This is not only an eco-friendly solution, but also a practical one as you have an online record of everything and don’t have to worry about lost documents!

5.  Site Maintenance- Does your venue use natural cleaning products?  Because if they are claiming their piece of the earth friendly pie, they should.

6.  Design-  It’s a big misconception that sustainable design has to be all reclaimed barn wood and living roofs.  Pay attention to the decor that is used in your “green” venue.  Are their lights traditional, LED or CFL?  Do they have wall to wall nylon carpet or a more sustainable reclaimed hardwood or bamboo option? Do they have vases among vases of fresh cut out of season flowers, or wholesome and beneficial living plants that contribute to air quality?

7.  Preferred Vendors-  Your venue most likely has a preferred vendor list.  Pay close attention to the vendors on that list.  Do they share the same principles as you?  This is the biggie, because these are the companies that do the most work at this venue, and if they don’t at least offer eco-friendly services on top of their conventional ones then you have to wonder just how true the venue holds to their claims.

It is nearly impossible for a venue to feasibly be 100% eco-friendly.  That would be a huge investment for business owners, and in order for them to operate such a business there fees would have to be incredibly high restricting them to a very limited portion of the wedding market.  So with that said, just because a venue doesn’t follow any or all of the above practices doesn’t mean that they are a BAD option.  For example, if a venue runs on fossil fuels and doesn’t have a recycling program in place they may take other steps to make up for those facts.

The point of this post is not to condemn those who are not able to offer 100% eco-friendly services, but to provide brides and grooms with the knowledge to spot businesses who are making unfounded claims.  And if you are in love with a location for your wedding, but they fall more in line with traditional operations you can take that into account in other aspects of your wedding planning.  But it still never hurts to encourage them to make the necessary steps to lead their business into the green revolution!

To end I would like to share some of my favorite eco-friendly venues in North Texas:

Hickory Streent Annex

F&R Whiskey Distillery 

City Club Fort Worth (This was the first venue in Fort Worth to start taking green initiatives!)

Nylo Hotels Dallas Southside

Trinity River Audubon Center