Green Wedding Tip :: New Uses for E-Stationary

One of the first impressions made on a wedding guest is the stationary. So to really set a tone for your socially conscious event how about going with electronic invites instead?

I know what some of you are thinking and I want to address these concerns:

1. Will my guests think I’m cheap? A. Who cares? B. Just think of the beneficial ways you can spend your money. Maybe the $300ish savings can be used toward the cake you really envision? Perhaps you upgrade your honeymoon flight to 1st class? The possibilities are endless!

2. What about my 80 year-old, tech challenged grandma? Luckily, many of these sites offer the option of printing your custom stationary for your few guests that do not have access to email.

3. How will I manage RSVPs? Almost every site has a tool to help you organize your guests’ responses. They even go into detail to help with meal selections, number of adults vs children, including links to your wedding website and many more cool features.

4. What about those that will treasure the invite forever? Let’s be honest… the only ones scrapbooking your stationary are parents of the bride/groom, YOU, possibly a grandma and maybe your best friend. If you want to save on invites and not scrimp on other details, this is the way to go!

During the planning process, a bride makes countless decisions based on priorities and interests. If you live for paper goods and letterpress then you are more likely interested in a tangible invite. However, if you enjoy graphic design and a unified look, you may find this post helpful.

Now let me introduce you to a few e-invitation providers:

  • Greenevelopenot only can you customize pre-made suits but you can 100% create your own design, awesome guest management tools in excel spreadsheet formats, delivered to your guests in a visually pleasing e-envelope plus this company donates to a wild-life preservation non-profit
  • Pingg – large gallery of designs plus the ability to customize something unique for your event, coordinate engagement announcements, Save the Dates, invitation as well as thank yous, track guests easily in one place, integrate links for wedding websites and registries, option to upgrade (for a cost) and use additional features with pingg Plus
  • PaperlessPost – well designed, personal digital correspondence, create a complementary stationary set for the event, simple, user friendly website, offers plenty of current designs, ability to include envelope liners and logos for an extra fee and the best part… THERE’S AN APP FOR THAT!

A recent VGP bride and groom made this custom electronic Thank You to send to their guests for attending their destination wedding.  Yes, a handwritten note is a great gesture but the groom actually took the time to design an electronic card himself that matched the rest of their printed stationary. Know that it is up to you how “green” you make your wedding. By choosing to do an e-thank you card this couple saved a bit of money, their time and most importantly a couple trees.

At Vera Green, we understand the significance of designing a personal stationary suit. The world of e-stationary has seriously expanded over the last few years providing unique designs, user-friendly features as well as the wow-factor you want for your guests. Taking this paperless leap brings you one step closer to the green wedding you have imagined for yourself, your family and friends.


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