Intern Position Available

Vera Green Productions has an open position for a fall intern. Qualified candidates must currently be enrolled in a program from an accredited university that is complementary to event planning. Through the course of this program they will learn the ins and outs of professional networking, project management, and marketing a wedding business, as well as how to implement eco-friendly standards into special events. This program will give the intern hands on experience with all aspects learned in a classroom course setting, and then some! Please have any referrals direct resumes to

What our program entails:

Business Plan– We will review the VGP business plan, and yearly plan reviews, updates, and goal setting
“Living your brand”– All about branding a business that reflects who you are
Professional Appearance- Maintaining a professional presence inside and out
Responding to inquiries– Professional responses that hook your customer
Vendor Relationships– Networking and maintaining professional relationships
Etiquette- Directing clients on how to have a “perfect” wedding on their own terms
Sustainable solutions– Developing the mindset for sustainable planning
Concepts and Design basics– providing your clients with referrals that fit their style
Event Management- budgeting, timelines, and creating an event prospectus
Contracts and Negotiation– keeping yourself and your client covered, and negotiating fees
All about ceremonies– Directing the processional and understanding the order of service
Ceremony Traditions from around the world– Understanding cultural events and customs
Social Media for event professionals- what to put out there, and what to not
Directing a reception– How to keep the party going without being seen
After the party– where does everything go, and how do we get it there?