Inspiration and Education: Our Favorite Wedding Blogs

We spend a lot of time reading wedding blogs.  It’s a requirement of the job if we want to stay ahead of the curb in our business.  Also, blogs are a great way to zone out and immerse yourself in inspiration, and be educated by the advice that they offer.  I’m constantly being asked what my favorite blogs are, and it’s so hard to answer because they are all different.  The beauty of a good blog is that it stands out and offers unique content for it’s readers.  This is a long post, but definitely one for the bookmark.  I’ve featured my favorites which I am splitting into two categories.  “Inspiration” blogs are those that feature mostly real weddings and photo shoots.  They exist to inspire brides to push the boundaries when styling their events.  “Education” blogs feature mostly advice on wedding planning and projects.

All images are screen shots of the blog’s banners.  They are linked directly to that blog so you can just click the image and a new window will pop up for you to bookmark the website!

Inspiration Blogs

Ruffled caters to brides who love vintage weddings.  The editor Amanda started the blog after planning her own vintage wedding and not having any resources to turn to.  Today it is one of the best resources for vintage, rustic, eco-friendly weddings that a bride could have!

Green Wedding Shoes features eco-friendly wedding inspiration for all styles.  This is the bride that I personally feel more connected to because they are so relevant to the services that we offer.

Once wed began as a source for brides to sell their wedding gowns online.  Now it is a spetacular collection of some of the best wedding inspiration on the web.  Although there is a ton of content on this site it remains very user friendly.  As you can see from the banner below they categorize inspiration to provide the best user experience as possible.

The Wedding Chicks is a collection of fun, funky, and beautiful wedding images.  My favorite feature of this website is the Printables & DIY section.  They have collaborated with some of the countries best designers to create awesome DIY invitation suites, and accessories for your event.

Junebug Weddings is all about luxury wedding inspiration.  They feature the best of the best when it comes to photographers, planners, and designers.  The details they feature are always stunning with a focus on event design.

Every Last Detail is going to be my segway blog because it is probably one of my favorite daily reads.   There are a few reasons that ELD stands out to me as a constant source of both inspiration and education.

First of all, Lauren Grove the editor of ELD is a real person.  She isn’t afraid to put herself out there and be seen by her readers.  I actively follow her twitter feed as well as admire her instagram stream and of course her blog and she isn’t afraid to give her readers a glimpse of her personal life.  This makes you feel more connected with the advice that she gives and more open to taking it.

Second, this blog has great content that covers real weddings, inspired shoots, and relevant advice.  I’m not calling other blog’s advice irrelevant.  What I’m saying is that this blogger is a tenured event professional in her own right and knows the issues that engaged couples want to know and things that real wedding professionals want to share.  I think that the advice that is offered on this blog is priceless, and if there is any one blog to read daily this is it!

Next, They are broad.  ELD features weddings of all kinds.  You will find farm weddings, ballroom weddings, DIY weddings, and upscale events all featured on this blog.   They are focused on the details and providing their readers inspiration and education for replicating those details in their own wedding.

Last, they are selective.  ELD just doesn’t post any old content that comes through.  Being selective is good because a blog is supposed to provide readers with inspiration and she has done that by making sure that the details in the wedding she posts are flawless and her advice is good.

Educational Blogs

Oh Happy Day is the brain child of Jordan Ferney a San Francisco based party planner who features great DIY projects for events and home.

Eco Beautiful Weddings blog features both real weddings and wedding planning advice that of course focuses on eco-friendly wedding planning.  They also have a beautiful online magazine that they publish quarterly.

Engaged and Inspired is my newest obsession.  This is a great budget bride blog that features advice that is useful across the board

Martha Stewart Weddings is of course king in the wedding industry.  And I couldn’t in good conscience make a list about wedding advice resources without mentioning MSW Bride’s Guide.  No wedding planning experience would be complete without a weekly zone out to MSW!

Now that I’ve shared some of my favorite wedding blogs, what are some of yours?  Do you feel like we left anything off our list?


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