We recently had the pleasure of sending a dear friend and colleague down the aisle, and styling her perfect day.  It was such an honor to be such an important part of such an important day for such an important friend.  I received this lovely response from her as soon as she made it back from the honeymoon, and I still break down into tears every time I read it.   I can’t wait for the professional photos from this wedding so I can share them with the world.

An image from Jenine's wedding.

Sweet Ashley,

Where do I begin…


We so very much enjoyed our special day and I have you to thank for it! Everyone told us “it will go by so fast, you won’t even remember it”. We had the opposite experience. Jeremy (my husband!) and I both felt like we had time to eat the awesome food, enjoy the beautiful scenary, hug our friends/family, dance to the music and love each other. Just knowing that you had everything under control, allowed me the freedom to truly take everything in and be in the moment.

 You are motivating, inspiring, honest and kind. You helped me create the perfect day; with every single (OMG) DIY detail that I wanted. I am grateful for your appreciation to the details that were so important to me. I can look back on this day, this planning experience and check off everything from my dream-wedding list. I can breath easy knowing that we did it right.

Brittney was amazing, as well. She was right there with an answer to any ridiculous question or request. Brittney was complimentary to VGP and I know, a great support for you. The two of you make a perfect team!

Lastly… the peonies! When I looked at my gorgeous bouquet for the first time I had to do a double-take! I was confused at first because I knew we discussed peonies were out of my budget. I asked my bridesmaids for verification and yes, they were peonies. Goodness, what a sweet surprise! There you go again, outdoing even yourself!

I love you and everything that is Vera Green Productions!

Utterly Grateful,

Jenine & Jeremy Christopher


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