Ahhhh, a relaxing morning with no groceries in sight

I have been running around like a crazy person lately. My house is a mess, my children have been watching a LOT of cartoons, and I have definitely not made a grocery trip in a couple of weeks. All I can think is “bad mom”, “bad wife” and the like. It goes without saying that I could stand a little home time worked into my schedule.

So today I have scheduled myself a day at home to focus on what is important. Unfortunately I did not make sure that I had food enough to get us through, oh I don’t know, BREAKFAST! The entire contents of my fridge were a cup of mashed sweet potatoes, pulled pork, pickled beets, four eggs, soy milk, and an assortment of sauces and cheeses. My first thought was that I could make a killer BBQ omlet, but alas my oldest daughter is on an anti egg kick. So instead I combined the eggs and sweet potatoes with a little vanilla bean paste and ended up with these bad boys:


Don't you love my beautiful Ikea children's plates. I thought they would really establish me amongst the food stylists of the world :)

A dab of my vanilla bean honey and some walnuts for the girls and Nutella filling for mom completed our meal.  We all enjoyed a protein packed breakfast in quiet, because everyone was too busy scarfing them down to say anything!   And something very unusual happened after breakfast. Everyone’s plates were empty! This was so easy to make that it will no doubt be a staple in our breakfast menu.

Now, we continue a lazy (yeah right) morning.  Until lunch time that is, when we will most likely dine out.