1970’s Themed Woodland Tea Party Styled Shoot

What happens when you combine three wedding pro’s, a kitschy sense of humor, and a hot summer day?  Why you get an impromptu photo shoot inspired by grandma’s 1970’s polka-dot kitchen!  I styled and created the floral elements, Rhoda, from Loot Vintage Rental, provided all linens and furniture, and Kari Crowe worked her magic behind the camera.

This shoot was so much fun for me to style.  Rhoda had these little plastic gnomes that were the inspiration.  They reminded me of a house that we used to live in that was wall to wall shag carpeting, brightly colored bathrooms, and an olive green kitchen.  I always imagined it the way that my great-great-aunt who was the original occupant would have had it decorated with mushroom paintings and milk glass plates hung on the wall and everything matched with her kitchen’s theme including her strawberry planters on the back porch.  I took that inspiration and entwined my own rustic trademark with succulents, driftwood, and a big ol’ manzanita tree.   After a trip to J Rae’s and the flower market we had all the beginnings of a great shoot.

I love the way succulents look planted in the milk glass goblets.  I have these arrangements all over my house.  It’s a fun way to show off your heirloom collections without the fear of them getting broken during use.

For the flowers I used ranunculus, green trick, carnations, gerbera daisy, hydrangea, and fresh moss in Chartreuse

Loot carries a great selection of mismatched china for both events and staging.

Rhoda and her children made the button mushrooms out of clay, and they now decorate her little girl’s room.

I’m a total junkie for driftwood as you will see in most of my designs.  I’ll slip it in any way I can muster!

This was such a fun shoot for us.  There was no pressure for everything to be perfect and it gave us all a fun way to exercise our creative muscles!

Photography: Kari Crowe photography DFW

Styling/Floral: Vera Green Productions- DFW

Linens, china, and furniture: Loot Vintage Rentals- Austin, TX

Cupcakes- J Rae’s- Fort Worth, TX


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