Planning Your Blogworthy Wedding, Part 3- Incorporating Your Personality

Photo: J Bath Photography

In this series we are writing for couples who want to see their wedding live on after the big day in the world of wedding blogs.  We are discussing things that make your event stand out for future publication.  In Part 1 and Part 2 we reviewed the importance of hiring a quality photographer and styling your event.  This post is all about my personal favorite part of wedding planning:  personalization.

If you look at any real wedding featured on any wedding blog, whether it is a grand gala or simple elopement, you will notice that they all feature the same three common elements: great photography, amazing styling, and personal details.  The personal details are what makes your wedding yours, and that will make your guests really feel like they are standing up for YOU and not just attending another event with free food and booze.

How do I make my wedding personal?

Whether you are more of a DIY girl or you hire someone to assist you with your concept you want to make sure it speaks of your personal style and your personality.  A great stylist or planner will get to know your personality, values, and interests.  When I’m styling events I gather this information and assist them with incorporating it into their design.

If you are conceptualizing the decorative elements of your big day yourself utilize tools like the inspiration board builder on Style Me Pretty.   You can also incorporate items from your childhood, home, or memories. Think of things that you or your parents or your friends have that you can incorporate into your inspiration.  This will not only help make your event personal, but it will also save money on your decor!

Here are a few ideas for incorporating your personality into your big day:


  • Have a favorite dish from your childhood?  Hire a caterer who can prepare recipes that you have always loved, and on your menu give them personal names like “Mom’s Mac ‘n’ Cheese”, “Aunt Velma’s Meatloaf Sliders”, “Grandma Pollyanna’s Pickled Beet Salad”, and “Mashed Potato Bar featuring Aunt Kathy’s Famous Goat Cheese Mashed Potatoes”.  I am currently planning a wedding where the groom’s grandmother and aunts are preparing all of his favorite deserts in lieu of a groom’s cake!

Photo: Life As Art Photography

  • Incorporate family heirlooms into your decor.  I once had a bride who carried the same family bible down the aisle with her that her mother carried at her wedding.  You could also borrow vases and silver from family and have your florist use them for your flower arrangements.  Be sure to pick items that have meaning to you and are visually appealing.

Photo: Hazelnut Photography

  • Love to travel?  Have a travel themed wedding and instead of assigning table numbers assign names of destinations you love to travel to together.  You can even display photos of you in each destination.  Instead of a sign in book you can frame a map and have guests tag their favorite destinations and why you should go there.  You can even set up a travel registry such as the one found at Traveler’s Joy where guests can contribute to your travel fund as a wedding gift instead of buying you china patterns that you’ll never use.  I once had a couple who collected rocks and sea shells from their vacations and used them as calling cards as a nod to their globetrotting.

Photo: Picky Eater Blog

  • Are you a super foodie?  Instead of floral centerpieces splurge on having your favorite appetizers set up in the center of your tables in a neat arrangement for guests to enjoy.  Once dinner begins your servers can clear them off and serve dinner family style!


  • Make decisions that match your personality.  A super laid back couple may not want a booming dj or full band but instead a smooth jazz quartet and cigar bar.  A couple that is known to be funny/energetic might have a photobooth with hilarious props or do your introduction dressed like JFK and Marilyn Monroe.  Are you and your fiance’ both college professors who read together every night?  You might include DIY projects out of old books or vintage calculators.
The possibilities are endless when it comes to making your event personal.  As long as you put deep thought into your details and how to make them personal you should have no problems.  How will you be incorporating your personality into your big day?

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