Part 2, Your Blogworthy Wedding- Event Styling 101

Not all brides want a huge production for their wedding.  Nor do all brides care about their wedding being featured after the fact.  But, if you are someone who wants the glory of your hard work to be gushed over by thousands then this series is for you.  We are discussing how to plan a wedding that will be more likely to receive a feature on your favorite wedding blog or mag.

In Part 1 of this series we discussed the importance of hiring a good quality professional photographer.  (It’s not a long read, but if you missed it basically: Why would you pay tens of thousands of dollars for a wedding and skimp on your photographer?)  Today we will discuss styling your event, and why it is important if you want a “blogworthy” wedding.

First off, what is an event stylist?

An event stylist is someone who will create a concept for your wedding and make sure every detail conforms to that theme.  Stylists come from all types of backgrounds.  There are stylists like myself who gained their experience through planning with an emphasis on design, but others have come from interior design and floral design.  I began styling events in 2006 when I moved to Texas from Atlanta, GA and had a difficult time finding anyone who had HEARD of an eco-friendly wedding, much less anyone who would cater to one.  I quickly learned that it was much easier to style and create floral for my own events, rather than to outsource the work to another company who might not share the same vision.    Another lesson that I learned was that as a planner I got to know my clients much better since I work with them on every aspect of their event thus providing more of their personality in my designs .   Many planners are also stylists, but not all stylists are planners.  Some are just stylists (although that is rare), some are florists, and some are even “wedding branding professionals”.  Regardless of a title or background, they will all serve an integral part in making guests and bloggers swoon over your wedding.  They will give it one overall fluid design.

While researching this blog post I came across a great article by Karissa from The Lane Blog, “10 Reasons to Hire a Wedding Stylist.”  Instead of repeating everything that she said, I figure it best just to share the post with you HERE

How much should I budget to hire a stylist?

Depending on how detailed you want to get you can expect to spend between $600 and $2000 to have your wedding professionally styled.  If you want to save a bit of money ask your wedding planner or florist if they can do this job (most would be obliged.)  At Vera Green we automatically include this service in all of our Full Planning packages, or if a bride would like to tack the service onto their Day of package we can do that as well.  And most florists will do a basic styling included with their fees.

Where does styling fit into your wedding planning priorities?  Do you plan on hiring an outside source to style your wedding, or to create your own concept?

Recommended event stylists in DFW:

Vera Green Productions– DUH!!!

Branching Out Events– Debbie Jewesson

Dr Delphenium– Bryna Wilson


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