Part 1, Your Blogworthy Wedding- Photography

Today’s post is all about photographers, helping our readers understand their pricing and the value in hiring an experienced professional.

Photography  The value of a great photographer, as with all wedding vendors lies within the priorities of the couple.  If images of your wedding just aren’t a priority for you then you may not want to spend five or even three thousand dollars on a professional.  And you probably won’t hold much value in hiring a professional shooter.  However, if you are putting a lot of time or money (or both) into your big day a great photographer will be very valuable to your event.  When you put so much into pulling off the perfect event you want to make sure you have someone who has the experience, education, and professionalism to take care of all your photography needs.   And most importantly, you want to be assured that your efforts will be preserved for you to reflect on and show your future children and grandchildren.

And if having your event featured on a wedding blog is a motivator for you, then photography should be one of your highest priorities.  Here is some advice taken directly from the Style Me Pretty Backstage Blog (we will reference this a lot in this series) about the importance of great photography for getting your wedding published:

6. EDITED PHOTOGRAPHS are really, really, REALLY important. We like images that are clean, simple and don’t have any particular art effect to them. We do not publish many black and whites unless it’s a feature on the photography. We do not publish images that are too busy or have too much going on in them. Although we totally get that there are many different types of photography styles, we also are inclined to fall more in love with photographs that are shot in a magazine style approach. I am going to have a photographer come on backstage soon and go into greater depth with this one.

You can spend all the money in the world on elegant arrangements, amazing details, and all the makings of a great wedding.  But if you don’t have an experienced photographer on your team then you might have great memories, but don’t count of great photographs that will catch the eye of wedding bloggers.

The investment

Photography packages in the DFW area range from $2000 to $10,000.  Every photographer has different experience levels, styles, methods, and education.  And like in any profession, the more experience and quality that a photographer brings to the table, the more they will charge.  It’s important to know that when you hire a photographer you are paying not only for their time shooting your wedding, but in most cases you are paying a premium for their service.  For some you are also paying for multiple sessions, editing for those images, two photographers at your wedding, about eight hours of shooting your event, about 30+ hours of editing, and in most cases a photo book and prints.  That’s a lot of time that they spend devoted to your event, and they do charge accordingly.


It’s also important to find someone who won’t leave you high and dry.  ALWAYS make sure the photographer that you are considering is reputable, and check their references.  It really helps if they belong to professional photography associations that hold them to certain standards such as WPPI or the WPA.  The best resource for finding a reputable photographer is to ask friends who have personally used them or seen their work and heard first hand accounts on their professionalism, or by asking another wedding professional for referrals for photographers that they have personally worked with.  (This ensures that you aren’t getting a reference from their second cousin.)

Where do quality photos fall in your list of priorities?


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