Vendor Spotlight: Loot Vintage Rentals

I want to start out this post by saying that I have been saying for ages that anyone who started a company like this would make a killing. As a wedding planner part of my job is to help my brides stay in their sometimes very minimal budgets by incorporating some top secret tactics that we don’t like to talk about with the civilian. One of these tactics is finding vendors who sale vintage items and antiques and convincing them that they should rent their goods to my clients. Believe it or not, many dealers are not willing to do this on a regular basis. Cue the music and soft lighting, because I’m about to make sweet blog love to today’s featured vendor, Loot Vintage Rentals.

Anna Brimberry Crelia from Austin, TX and her sister-in-law Rhoda Brimberry from Fort Worth got the idea for their company after Anna’s wedding. They are both long time lovers of anything old, and their unique style sets them apart from others in the wedding industry. Which we all know, makes us a match made in wedding vendor heaven!

Anna is a recent newlywed and purchased so many vintage items for her wedding that as soon as it was over she found herself asking “what to do with this stuff?” The whole time she was planning her event she would repeat, “there really needs to be a place to rent these items!” Well all it took was putting those two thoughts together before Loot was born.

Anna then enlisted the help of her dear friend and Sister-in-Law Rhoda to put her business savvy to use and create the concept for this new company. The pair quickly started hitting the flea markets and collecting items to create a couple of “themes” to offer for rental. And then Rhoda contacted me (we were already friends and neighbors) for ideas and suggestions.

I am elated to be able to share this company with the world, and to FINALLY have a place where my brides can find truly unique and beautiful event rentals.  They are currently serving the Austin market, but as Rhoda lives in Fort Worth they are considering taking limited engagements in DFW.   Please enjoy these product shots that they have shared with me. They expect their website to be fully operational soon. I know these ladies are going to go far with this venture!

They have a large selection of mismatched vintage china plates, tea cups, linens, napkins, wooden crates out the wazoo, Arbors, vases,  pretty much anything you could want. And if they don’t have it, chances are they can find it for you!


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