Vera Green Charity

Giving Back

Being a socially concious company means more to us than just supporting eco-friendly vendors, and recycling. It is also important to us to better the world by giving back. Starting in May 2009 we have instituded a policy to donate 10% of our monthly profit to charity. Causes that we are proud to support:

Save Darfur Coalition-

Humaine Society of North Texas-

Susan G. Komen for the Cure-

Catholic Charities USA-


I am happy to provide special assistance to those planning charity events or fundraising . Philanthropy is where I perfected the art of planning fine events, and will always have a special interest in events that do good. We are pleased to offer our services pro-bono for planning your charity fundraiser. Please contact one of our consultants today for more information regarding these services.


A word…

I am excited to share what we are doing with the world, and hopefully through the course of business we can inspire others to do good. Vera Green Productions is a motley crew of wedding professionals that all have a passion for living life to it’s fullest. I founded this company to provide couples with an alternative aspect to wedding and special event planning, and the hope of making an impact on the special event industry.

I have been planning eco-friendly events since 2004, and am one of the first wedding planners in the country to make doing right the way we do business. We are proud to support vendors who share our mission to provide top quality cutting edge work at affordable prices while conserving our resources. It is our goal that by creating a network of vendors who offer eco-friendly wedding services we can inspire others to follow suit and band together to make eco-friendly events more acessible to North Texans.

Here are some FAQ’s to provide you a with a rundown of what we do:

What is a Green Wedding?

A green wedding is simply a wedding where couples try to incorporate more eco-friendly choices. Examples include using invitations from recycled or plantable paper; local flowers, food, and drinks; or vintage items such as decor, attire, or jewlery. The sky is really the limit, that’s where we come in.

Why Plan a Green Wedding?

Weddings are often an extravagant affair, with much money, care, attention to detail and time being lavished on creating the ultimate day for the bride and groom. If you are an environmentally and socially conscious couple, you may like to consider sharing your eco-savvy and social awareness with your family and friends by actively demonstrating how it is possible to “green a wedding” and still maintain the essence of elegance and sophistication many expect from such an important event.