Going Green For Good

Dear Faithful Customers and Colleagues,
It is my pleasure to announce that Ashley’s Events is making some big changes this spring!

As many of you know, we have been planning socially conscious events for some time. Now we are taking things one step farther and splitting Ashley’s Events into two separate eco-based companies: Greenfeet Productions and Greenfeet Designs. It is our goal to use these entities to make eco-friendly options available to Fort Worth brides, and hopefully bring green weddings to the mainstream.

Did you know that the average wedding creates 14.5 billion tons of carbon waste? It is our goal with Greenfeet Productions to show brides how to reduce the amount of carbon waste from their wedding through traditional wedding planning services as well as ongoing advice on eco-friendly alternatives.

Our second venture is Greenfeet Designs, an all eco-friendly wedding product line. We will be putting our crafty talents to use and offering everything from organic flower centerpieces to vintage wedding gowns. Everything is custom made to order, so it will be a while before we get any designs online. Our list of products and services includes:

* Vintage Scouting- let us go scour the thrift stores and vintage shops to find you the perfect vintage items to reuse in your wedding. Whether it be the gown or the cake plate, we’ll find the perfect one for you.

* Floral arrangement and design- breathtaking floral arrangements made with as many green elements as possible. We strive to use locally grown flowers, but when that is not available we try for availability from a domestic organic nursery. We also strive to take things a step farther by implementing other various decorative touches that utilize reused, repurposed, and recycled materials.

* Custom wedding favors designed from repurposed items.

* Gift Bags for out of towners that showcase local goodies and products.
Today is our big launch at the Fort Worth Urban Futures Sustainable Living Symposium being held at the new Omni hotel in Downtown Fort Worth from 4 to 7:30 pm. We would like to invite everyone to join us for this special occasion and to learn more about what Cowtown businesses are doing to go green.

For more information about the symposium and to register online you can view the website below.


We look forward to continuing the relationships that we have built with all of you, and to build our referral base. We are also pleased to offer the attached offer exclusively to all of you in lieu of this event. Please feel free to pass it along to anyone you may know wishing to plan a green wedding.


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